Top 3 World Global Network Fitness Gadget Tools

Technology has really made our lives more convenient in this day of age but little did we know it’s also slowly affecting our health. Every wireless device we have whether smartphones, tablets, and laptops releases Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field which affects our well-being. Since smartphone devices is mostly a necessity now, seeing the increasing rate of incidents where people are affected by electrosmog is happening. World Global Network has seen this as an alarming situation now, and in the coming future, that’s why they create to alleviate.

How do they actually help in protecting owns body from detrimental effects?

World Global Network Fitness Gadgets

Health & Lifestyle Oracle (Helo)

It’s a very useful tool that keeps tracks your own health status and your family member with higher age group and has an underlying disease or illness.

The smartwatch designed by world global network provides constant information of your health status which are your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, fatigue sensor, and provides an SOS or panic button with GPS to pinpoint wearer’s location.

If you’re busy at work, your rest assured of being updated of their health status of a family member that needs special care.

All this information will be then collected as your guide on their next product Lifelog.


All the information of health condition (heart rate, respiratory rate, mood, and blood pressure) and location are stored as data creating a health profile of the wearer of the Helo watch.

It’s an excellent tool in determining own or family members wellness and acquire tips and suggestions on improving your lifestyle.


It’s a tiny sticker that you stick on your smartphone, tablets, laptops and other wireless devices to reduce the level of effects of ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF).

Why should you know about RF EMF?

In 2005, there are already studies in regards to the effect of radio frequency and how it affects a person or user. There have already been reports on people with high usage of the wireless device causing confusion, dizziness, and lack of focus.

In 2011, the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorized electromagnetic fields as a possible carcinogenic (potential to cause cancer) specifically a brain tumor called Glioma.

There has been insufficient data in regards to this as to label it as a known carcinogen to cause a brain tumor. This declaration needs more time more like a decade to be able to support this claim.

Affected Age Group

The sudden rush of smartphone users worldwide is increasing recently mostly in the middle age group due to work and emergency cases.

In 2013, a case study was done in Belgium and Greece on how likely adults tend to be affected by the radiation emitted by high radio frequency and results to mild absorption, but some will experience mild symptoms of dizziness.

In the young age group, it was found out that children are most susceptible since they absorb more radiation five times than the adults.

Children do what they see from their parents and mistakenly let them play for longer periods of time.

Most parents let their children play for them to relax, means to keep them quiet, and as a gift for doing a good job at the school.

Studies have shown that children that started using a smartphone at the age of five will most likely have five times fold susceptible to illnesses and brain tumor. Kids are prone to illness since they’re immune system is not that strong as adults.

Research Around The World

There has been little studies in correlation regards with EMF radiation exposure to children to certainly prove it causes brain cancer and blood disorder like leukemia. In recent studies, newer information is now showing little by little and WHO is giving importance to it to determine and shed more light on the little information it has.

Studies have been done in Australia in regards to the effect of EMF radiation from their phones due to prolonged use. Sadly, It was dismissed since the test population is too low to come up with a conclusion.

In the Philippines, there are cases of children with affected cognitive function due to prolong use of tablet or smartphone basing on the history of the patient and EEG. This information still lacks the evidence to conclude.

Same as in Germany, where 3000 random kids were tested for RF EMF radiation exposure using a dosimeter. 7 percent were found to have abnormal mental behavior for a day, but still, it was assessed as behavioral problems.


Wireless devices are rampant in the market right now, and we all know the detrimental effect that electrosmog can cause. As younger age group are more susceptible to illnesses nowadays, it’s best to keep oneself healthy and keep track of your health with the help of Lifelog app.

World Global Network offers not just to protect you from electrosmog but to keep you aware of your current conditions and help maintain a better you.

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